Michael Grant

Mission San Jose, San Antonio, 2020-12-25

Hi folks — I’m trying to decide whether I want to drop $300+ on an external Thunderbolt SSD. I’m driving a 2018 Mac mini with 500GB internal storage, and 1) I keep running into capacity issues, and 2) I’m a little leery of installing Big Sur on my work machine, even once the final release is available. So I’d like to get an external SSD that I can use as a boot drive, but I wasn’t aware until this morning how much more I’d have to pay for the Thunderbolt interface. Any thoughts?

Once again our Black sisters and brothers have shouldered the burden of saving this nation’s soul. That they have borne the brunt of the struggle again and again is itself one more in the long litany of injustices. But thanks to them we all are rediscovering our commitment to America’s highest ideals of freedom, justice, and equality. The struggle is far from over but the tides are turning.


I’ve been thinking a lot about “emergence” lately, since with luck we’ll all be emerging from social isolation within a few more weeks and looking around at whatever’s left of our lives. I have a feeling there are a lot of aspects of our former ways of working and living that we won’t be able to go back to, any many others that we won’t want to. Our “business as usual” was already failing in increasingly obvious ways, and this forced reset is one of those crises that we can’t afford to let go to waste. Those of us fortunate enough not to be dealing with actual medical emergencies have an opportunity now to make choices that could shape not just our personal lives, but our whole societies for generations. So… currently mulling ideas for at least a major blog post on that theme, and beyond that we’ll see what emerges. I’d love to hear any thoughts y’all might have along these lines.

My sister in Germany just sent this:

What are we building after the plague? Because the world is never going back to “normal”. It’ll be up to us to create a world where the disasters of the early 21st century don’t just keep happening.


A Zettel is a slip of paper; a Zettelkasten is a “slip box”. Since that phrase doesn’t mean much in English, the German word is often used in English among #Zettelkasten method adherents. Niklas Luhmann’s Zettelkasten resembled a pre-digital-age library card catalog. The actual slips were roughly the size of index cards but on thinner stock. Modern zettelizers most often use digital files in a text management software application.

US distillers have been hard-hit by EU tariffs, but other high-growth export markets remain. Learn more #WhiskeyWednesday

Swift Passage is offering free assistance with 2020 State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) grant applications for eligible TX businesses. Reimbursement for up to $10K in export-related expenses. swift-passage-trading.com/2020/01/2…

Sometimes the value of reading a book is as much in the ideas it shakes loose in one’s own mind as in those actually contained in its pages.

Unless it’s just a short underground section of a longer line, I’m having a hard time understanding how a 1.6-mile subway would accomplish much. www.kxan.com/news/loca…

My old Toastmasters friend Lukáš Liebich is becoming quite a storyteller. lukasliebich.com/2019/12/2…

Seems AccountEdge is giving up on ever building a 64-bit (Catalina-compatible) version. Can anyone recommend a standalone desktop, preferably non-subscription, alternative that supports multiple currencies?


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TAP TAP! Zis thing work? (Testing cross-posting from micro.blog to Twitter and LinkedIn)

It seems “Death to America!” isn’t actually as bad as it sounds in English…. Pontia of My Persian Corner explains a dozen or so death-related phrases used to express various degrees of annoyance in Persian: www.mypersiancorner.com/death-to-…

Greetings fellow micronauts!